##Shinding Sheriff

I worked on this app as part of my Big Nerd Ranch internship, I was really lucky to work with another Rails intern Chae O’Keefe. This app is intended to help meetup organizers manage the ‘assets’ associated with their events, especially locations and sponsorship money. If you’re looking for a beginner/intermediate rails project to make contributions on, this is it!


My first foray in JavaScript. I worked again with Melissa Holmes, this time at Atlanta’s Space Apps. We used JavaScript, XML & the Google Maps API to create an app to search the earth for images taken from the international space station. Our team even won “best use of data”!

##Challenge Champion

Originally created for an ATL Rails Girls hack night with Melissa Holmes. We wanted to design an app that would utilise twitter oauth and allow users to challenge their friends to annoying challenges from the comfort of their own desk chair.</p>